inital information about pcn 2020 will soon be posted here and updated accordingly. stay tuned!

WHAT IS pcn?

Philippine Culture Night is an annual showcase produced entirely by the students of the Purdue Filipino Association. It features a play, singing, and various cultural dances that are choreographed, written, and/or rehearsed throughout majority of the school year leading to the show staged during the Spring semester. Purdue’s PCN is the largest in the Midwest amongst the MAFA schools, with a full-stage production, extensive student cast and crew, and audiences of 600+ made up of attendees from across the nation.

If you are interested in participating in the upcoming PCN, please attend the next general meeting or PCN meeting for further detail and sign-up, or email us if it is in the middle of the school year!

Philippine Culture Night 2019

Isang Lahi: One Race

Purdue’s 6th annual Philippine Culture Night “Isang Lahi: One Race” followed the story of Mona, Isko, and Luzi, three people coming from three different Filipino cultures and regions all brought together by their hope of going to a college in America. When they arrive, they join a Filipino club and help to bring a new love and appreciation for their country and culture. This play showed that in unity, there is strength, and that we should all be proud of where we came from.



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