MAFA: The Midwest Association of Filipino Americans

PFA is one of many other Filipino/Filipino-American organizations from other universities under one large umbrella organization, dubbed MAFA — the Midwest Association of Filipino Americans.

With that, we attend 2 conferences every year — FACT and MFAS — one for each semester, that unites many organizations and hundreds to thousands of individuals to learn about and celebrate Filipino culture in a multitude of ways from cultural dancing to student-led workshops.

In addition to FACT and MFAS, PFA also regularly provides opportunities for any interested members to attend other events hosted by other organizations in MAFA, such IU FAA’s PCN, University of Toledo’s Island Cup Basketball Tournament, MAFA’s Winter Leadership Retreat, or The Ohio State University’s Barrio, just to name a few. In contrast, other organizations attend our events such as our annual PCN, the biggest PCN in the Midwest region. Times like these are great to meet new friends, or even network!

But of course, participation in MAFA is just as voluntary and optional as anything in PFA; although MAFA still encourages as many of its members possible to befriend each other, so it is not uncommon for many PFA members to meet up with their MAFA AKAs or families at our own or others’ events!