Meet your…

Executive board


William Delacruz


I was standing utterly still, watching, waiting for them to say my name. I could feel every painstaking second as I patiently look onwards... then they said “WILLIAM, CARAMEL MILK TEA!!!” and I knew my boba was ready. Hello, my name is William Delacruz. I am the 19-20 PFA president and I am majoring in Biochemistry. I enjoy sleeping, napping, and closing my eyes for extend periods of time. Other things I enjoy are eating and hanging with friends. I love PFA and all the people it has lead me to meet and all the opportunities it has given me thus far. I also love meeting new people so if you read this and do not know me say hello! As president my biggest thing is not making this organization the biggest in Purdue, It’s making sure as many people have genuine and happy experiences with PFA whether it is with the organization or with the people in it!


TJ Angeles

Vice President Internal (VPI)

Hey everyone! I am TJ Angeles, I am a sophomore in Aerospace Engineering, and I am beyond ecstatic to be this year’s Vice President Internal. When I’m not with PFA, I spend my time dancing, playing The Sims or Pokémon, and trying to make the best out of my day. You can also see me as Training Team Director for the VariAsian dance team. PFA has brought me an irreplaceable second family and reawakened my passion for my culture, and I would love to able to share that same experience with you all! Don’t be afraid to say hi or reach out!


Rachel Rulla

Vice president external (vpe)

Hey all, it’s your VPE Rachel Rulla. I’m from a suburb of Chicago, Tinley Park. I am sophomore majoring in Environmental Engineering. You can find me on campus listening to bohemian rhapsody, and eating açaí bowls. I also love my skin so if you’re ever into getting face mask hit your girl up for a fun bonding experience with yours truly. PFA has been such a fun and loving environment, bringing me lifelong friendships and memories. Shout out to Christian Rosana for writing this biography :))


Elenil Deypalubos


You can’t spell menudo without me n u, so what’s good baby? ;) LMAO HELLO my name is Elenil (el-en-el; yes, “like M&M but with Ls?”) and after being your historian, PCN media head, and jr. cultural chair, I’m now your secretary! I’m a junior majoring in Kinesiology/Clinical Exercise Physiology, striving to soon become a certified clinical exercise physiologist, personal trainer, and eventually, a doctor. You’ll usually find me at the CoRec working out, dancing, or climbing! If not, I’ll be around campus reading a book, journaling, tutoring at the Purdue Writing Lab, finally editing photos and videos I probably took a year ago, and sipping on my 3rd cup of coffee for the day. Since my first few weeks of college, PFA has given me a happy home and a giant family on this huge campus and I can only hope we can do the same for you. I’m so excited to see what this year brings and for you to experience it all! :3


Jacob Galvez


Hello! My name is Jacob Galvez and I’m this years treasurer. I am currently a sophomore majoring in electrical engineering and also going for a CS minor. I am from Fishers, Indiana. My hobbies include playing guitar, playing basketball, making/listening to music, and drinking boba. After joining PFA my freshman year, I met so many people and made a lot of friends which is something that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t joined. This organization is like a huge family and I’ve enjoyed all the events and activities that I’ve attended. I look forward to all the upcoming events and meeting more people!


JP Liban

Event coordinator

Hey y’all my name is JP and I'm a sophomore in Environmental Engineering. I am super grateful to have a wonderful and loving PFAM around me all the time that is always down for a good time. I am also super grateful to have this cultural hub where I can be proud to be Filipino. I really like playing the ukulele so catch me any time singing bars having a good time. Excited for the new year to make it PFA’s best yet.

Junior board


Rahul Patel

Jr. vice president internal (vpi)

Hey, my name is Rahul Patel and I am this semester’s Junior VPI. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Construction Engineering and Management, and I originate from the Region. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, skiing, finding free food and doing hoodrat stuff. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m not Filipino. Originally, I had no intention to join PFA, but I came to the spring callout with my Filipino friend and joined the organization with him. While being in PFA, I have grown to appreciate the culture, drawing similarities to my own, and the people within the organization. I am extremely fond of the togetherness of the association and its ability to proudly display its culture while sharing it with others. As your Junior VIP, I am excited to see what the coming semester brings, and I hope to share the Filipino culture with you!


Christian Rosana

Jr. Vice president external (VPE)

Hi fellas, my name is Christian Rosana and I am from the great city of Lafayette. I am a kinesiology major hoping to become a physical therapist. Some interesting facts about myself is that I hate boba, anime, and Wiley dining court, but I do like ice cream, lacrosse and Windsor cinnamon rolls. Also for hobbies I like playing sports and fishing. Finally my experience being a part of PFA is great, it really feels like a family where they are always there to help and give advice.


Lupe Cruz

co-Jr. secretary

Hi! I’m Lupe Cruz. I’m a sophomore majoring in nursing, and this upcoming semester I’ll be co-junior secretaries with Jake Ledford. You’ll most likely find me studying at any local coffee place, but some of my other interests include listening to music/going to concerts, drawing, and eating ice cream. I’m so grateful for all of the experiences and people I’ve encountered so far through PFA, and I’m even more excited for this upcoming year and all the new faces I’ll be meeting!


Jake Ledford

Co-Jr. Secretary

Jake Ledford is a sophomore at Purdue studying User Experience Design. When first coming to college, Jake wanted to get the opportunity to envelop himself in another culture so that he could learn more about it, and gain personal growth. In his free time, Jake likes to travel, hike, do photography, or work on film projects.


Nick Woodman

Jr. Treasurer

Hi my name is Nick Woodman and I’m a sophomore at Purdue majoring in cybersecurity. Nick enjoys staying active and you can often find him hiking and camping in the great outdoors or just hanging out with some friends. Nick is both a harding working and dedicated individual that looks at this leadership experience as a challenge to self-improvement opportunity. As junior treasurer of the PFA he’s excited to work with the new members of the board. Among other things he’s especially looking forward to working closely with treasurer Jacob to help support the PFA financially.


Richard Ramos

Jr. Event coordinator

Hey guys! My name is Richard and I will be the Junior Event Coordinator for the upcoming semester. I am currently in my second year of pre-pharmacy with a minor in psychology. Some things I like to do in my free time are lying around doing nothing, play Smash, and making playlists. However, most of my time is spent pretending to do work and ultimately doing it at the last minute. I don't really have much else to say about myself but I'm pretty excited to see what's in store for this year. See y'all when I do :)


Azaria Revereza

Jr. Cultural Chair

Hey Pinoy Pals! 

My name is Azaria (but you can call me Zar for short). I’m a sophomore studying Animation and Game Development with a minor in Spanish. I enjoy going to the gym, long walks to my fridge, dressing extra AF, and making food with friends. Have a taste of PFA, you know I’ll be there!

Performance director


Nate Perena

Performance director

What’s up! My name is Nate Perena, and I’ll be your cultural performance chair! I’m a junior majoring in biochemistry with a minor in psychology. My pastimes include but are not limited to eating, sleeping, dancing, soccer, and more sleeping and more eating. I joined PFA just to see what it was like, and I got so much more out of it than I anticipated. If you see me around campus don’t be afraid to say “hi” as I will most likely be startled and cast Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu but then realize it’s a friend and then challenge you to a death battle.



Katelynn Eloso


Hey PFAm!! My name is Katelynn, and I am one of this year's PCN directors! I'm a senior majoring in Web Programming and Design, and this will be my second year directing our Philippine Culture Night. I am super excited to be back and to bring another great show to the stage alongside my fellow co-directors! When I'm not working on PCN related things, you can find me watching anime, playing video games, or scrolling through Facebook and tagging my friends in memes! uwu Some of my other hobbies include playing the piano, drawing, and baking! Since joining PFA, I've met so many incredible people all while finding opportunities to help me grow as an individual. Being a part of PFA has been one of the highlights of my time at Purdue, and I hope that you all will enjoy your time with PFA as much as I do!

MARK_0227 (4).jpg

Mark Menciano

PCN director

Mark Menciano is a senior in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Management. Mark was born in Manila, Philippines and currently lives in Indianapolis. He enjoys dancing, going to the movies, and going on random food trips with his friends. His past experiences on board include Event Coordinator, Secretary, and PCN Director. With this year being his final year in PFA, Mark will serve on board as one of the PCN Directors. As a PCN Director, he hopes to create not only an impactful show that educates the community, but also uplifts the Asian American pride on campus. Mark also wants to create an experience and space for PFA members to learn from each other, develop deeper friendships, and be unapologetically Filipino.


AJ Zepeda

pcn director

My name is AJ and I'm one of your PCN Directors. I'm currently a senior studying Biology and minoring in Chemistry. My hobbies include scrolling on subtle asian traits, watching the same videos of Bigbang and tiny Korean children, jumping to conclusions, throwing shade, crying over dramas, and talking to my fake virtual boyfriends on my phone. Proudest achievement is that i am 100% caught up on One Piece. Easiest way to get me to notice you is to buy me a new laptop or Venmo me @AJMarieZ. LOL in all seriousness, I love PFA and all the wonderful people I have met through this organization. I hope all new members and future members find their place within the organization just like I have. Everyone reading this should PCN or itll be a sad unu.