Executive board

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Michelle Dixon


Hey y’all! I’m a senior majoring in Biological and Food Process Engineering with a minor in Religious Studies. I like Ghibli movies, leg day, The xx, and anything green tea flavored. PFA has helped me gain a deeper understanding of my identity as a Filipina and allowed me to share the Filipino culture with people who feel just as passionately about celebrating it. Being involved with PFA has given me countless experiences that have shaped who I am. This organization has brought me some of my best friends and memories, and I hope to help everyone in PFA find the same sense of belonging and love for our culture.


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Renz Buenavista

Vice President Internal

Hey! I'm currently a sophomore majoring in Kinesiology. I'm a pretty open-minded guy so I'm always down to try new things, but some of the stuff I do regularly are: Working Out to get SWOLE, Reading, Mastering The Art of Tea Making, Grinding on RPGs, Playing the oh so sweet tunes of the Saxophone, and admiring fits on r/MalefashionAdvice on reddit. Ever since I've joined this organization, PFA has opened my eyes on what it's like to be a Filipino, and helped me embrace my identity and share it to others when there was no outlet for me to do so previously. I hope you find PFA to be as welcoming and encouraging as I found it to be.

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Enzo Carino

Vice President external

My name is Enzo Carino and I hold the Vice President External position. I am based in Dallas, TX and I am currently studying First-Year Engineering here at Purdue. Personality-wise, I ride the fine line between a 1983 Toyota Corolla GT-S Twin Cam 1.6L and a strong advocator of the show The Golden Girls. My favorite foods include a perfectly fried batch of tater tots from Wiley Dining Court, the Frisco Melt at any Steak-N-Shake, and a well-seasoned plate of Chicken 65 from your favorite Indian restaurant. I really enjoy looking at cars that I probably will never afford, and my favorite Star Wars installment is Revenge of the Sith. My favorite song of all time is Firework by Katy Perry, and I am the biggest fan of the show Gilmore Girls without even having seen a single episode. My favorite Spongebob episode is the one where Doodlebob almost erases Spongebob from existence, and my favorite character from Avatar: The Last Airbender is either Toph or Zuko. Apart from that, I hope that PFA has a successful and prosperous year!


Sachi Rajadnya


Sachi Rajadnya is this year’s treasurer, a sophomore in Electrical Engineering. She likes video games, motorcycles, anime, volleyball, and getting on the GAIN TRAIN. Last year, she was our co-event coordinator with Enzo Cariño. Hang out with her; she loves face masks.


Elyssa Reyes


Hey everyone! I'm Elyssa and I'm this year's secretary! I'm from Jersey City, New Jersey and came to Purdue University to be part of their Pre-Pharmacy program. I love going to the beach, going to concerts, drinking bubble tea, and making amazing memories with my closest friends. If you listen to kpop (mostly BTS), then definitely talk to me. I am also in love with Peter Kavinsky. Even though I'm so far from home, PFA has given me the much needed family feeling on campus. I hope you all have an amazing year with PFA!


AJ Zepeda

Cultural Chair

Mabuhay! I am currently a junior majoring in genetics. My hobbies include painting, dancing, traveling, and falling. I like green tea, pizza rolls, anime, and free things. Fun Fact: I cannot hear out of my right ear. My time in PFA has allowed me to grow and step out of my comfort zone. In only a year, I've made some of my closest friends and created many memories with this organization. I love being able to share my love for my culture with everyone in PFA as well the Purdue community. I hope that all new members share and experience the same love for PFA and the Filipino culture because I love my PFAm!


Caroline Cudal

Event coordinator

Hello, Everyone !!! My name is Caroline Cudal, and I am a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Organizational Leadership. Some of my hobbies include laughing, trampoline-ing, & waving at people who are actually waving at the person behind me. Growing up, I was not connected to my Filipino culture, but PFA has helped me to embrace who I am as a Filipino-American. Ever since joining PFA, I have learned the importance of my culture and to be proud of it. I'm extremely excited to welcome any new members this semester brings and hope they find love & appreciation for our community.




Eileen Yan

Junior vice president external

Hi everyone! My name’s Eileen and I’m a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Global Studies. In my free time, I like painting, reading (if you ever need some book recommendations come find me!), and I’m trying to get into climbing. Currently, my favorite tv shows are Game of Thrones and Rick & Morty. Anyway, PFA really helped me adjust to college and I would’ve never met such an amazing group of funny, dedicated, and loyal people had I not joined. I might come off as reserved, but I love meeting new people so come talk to me about anything!


Luigi Dy

Junior Treasurer

Hello! I'm Luigi, the fall 2018 junior treasurer. I'm from Quezon City, Philippines! I'm a sophomore pursuing a major in Aviation Management, a minor in Unmanned Aerial Systems, and a certificate in Entrepreneurship. I have a deep passion for flying and am pursuing my instrument and commercial certificates on the side. I am also involved with the pilot's club on campus and the trap and skeet club. I am glad you have interest in PFA! More than a cultural community, it is a great organization to develop new friendships and have an extended family while in Purdue! Mabuhay!


Emma Espinosa

Junior Secretary

Hello everyone! I’m Emma and I’m currently a sophomore. I’m double majoring with Global Studies and Law & Society, and minoring in Spanish, in hopes of becoming an immigration lawyer in the future. When I’m not studying, you can find me drawing, watching films, sleeping in public places, spending too much money on iced coffee, and excessively wearing my denim jacket. I joined PFA recently to become more in touch with my Filipino half and to meet new people. I’m constantly impressed by the strong community that PFA provides, as well as their devotion to appreciating Filipino culture. I’m excited to see what the upcoming semester has in store for PFA!



Elenil Deypalubos

Junior cultural chair

Hello ! My name is Elenil (yes, “like, M&M but with Ls?”) and I’m a sophomore in Kinesiology on the way to medical school. You can usually find me reading a book somewhere around campus. Otherwise, see me drinking my 10th cup of coffee for the day, rock climbing, or dancing between classes. And, I’d like to think if you need some music suggestions or one of your papers to be edited, I’m your gal. PFA has given me some of my best friends, a place to love and embrace my culture endlessly, and a wonderful little family away from home that I couldn’t be more thankful for; I’m happy to say joining this organization is one of my best decisions in college so far and can’t wait for what’s to come!


Edward Baker

Junior Event coordinator

Yo, what's up? My name is Edward, but please call me Eddie. I’m currently a sophomore intending to major in Physics. I like video games, great movies, and occasionally exercise to get in better shape. I also dance fairly well but can’t freestyle so don't ask. Honestly, I felt that joining PFA for me was like a 1 in a thousand chance, and I’m really glad I joined, I’ve made some really great memories and many friends along the way. I’m not Filipino, but I really enjoy learning about the culture and experiencing all the great things it has to offer, especially the food. 


PCN Directors


Gwynelle Condino

Hello! I’m Gwynelle Condino, one of your PCN Directors. I’m a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering and (hopefully) minoring in Linguistics. I’m OBSESSED with Coco and love all things cinema. KDramas are my jam, I’m down to watch (almost) any anime, and finger guns are my specialty. This is only my second year in PFA, but it definitely feels much longer. This organization really helped me understand myself better by allowing me to embrace my heritage. It’s also full of extremely fun people that I feel like everyone can just vibe with. I’m very excited to meet new people and I hope everyone decides to join PCN because it’s honestly such a great experience. How exciting! Let’s all have a great year together!


Keifer Sagarino

Hey there! My name is Keifer Sagarino and I’m one of your PCN Coordinators! I’m a Sophomore entering Aerospace Engineering and I come all the way from Mullica Hill, NJ. When I’m not with PFA, I volunteer with the homeless of Lafayette, find new music to listen to, or am busy stuffing myself with food. I’m excited to meet all the new PFA members and PCN performers this year and can’t wait to be working with everyone during PCN! PFA has been essential to my time here at Purdue and I honestly couldn’t imagine what college would be like without all the people I’ve met since I’ve joined. Can’t wait to see you all around campus!





Marie Hughey

Hi! My name is Marie Hughey, and I’m this year’s performance director! I’m a sophomore double majoring in Computer Science and Statistics, and even though I love numbers, hard data, and coding, I also have an artistic side, and I love to make art and dance (hence the performance director thing). When I joined PFA, I was initially cautious, and wasn’t sure how I would like it, but the people here are so incredibly welcoming you wouldn’t believe it. Being a part of the Philippine Cultural Night show was the highlight of my year, and I never felt more involved with the club than when I was performing and practicing with everyone. Because of that, I decided to run for performance director this year, so I could be a bigger part of the club and help give other people the opportunity to feel that connected throughout the whole year. I look forward to what this year will bring!