Social Media and Advertising

-Committee heads: Katelynn

-Campus Advertising: Chalking, Flyering, setting up window display at Stewart
-Advertising through word of mouth at events PFA participates in
-Posting on social media
-Reach out to Purdue community: Other Asian Orgs, campus clubs, etc.
-Reaching out to off campus orgs: MAFA schools, Filipino Community of Lafayette


-Committee heads: Mark, Prescott, Pukhraj, Jenn,

Cyrus, AJ, Bryan, Skye, Tommy

-Be present at rehearsals and show up on time
-Learn choreo by specified deadlines
-Ask for help and help each other when needed
-Record practices

Tech Crew

Committee head: Kevin

-Work with stage manager and Loeb staff
-Gathering props
-Removing props on and off stage during performance
-Act as a ready hand if there are any accidents that happen on stage
ex: broken sticks, costume malfunctions, broken props
Direct actors and dancers backstage to make
sure they’re present for their performance
Aiding with sound and set/backdrops


Committee heads: Brandon, Keith

-Take video footage and pictures of rehearsals that can be used for advertising and countdown videos
-Have countdown videos, edited, finished, and ready to present during specified deadlines



Committee head: Kaela