Introducing Yourself

1. Tagalog: Ako (Ah-Co)
    English: I

2. Tagalog: Ako si (Ah-Co   see)
    English: I am
    Example: Ako si John. I am John.

3. Tagalog: Ikaw (ee-CAO)
    English: You

4. Tagalog: Ikaw si ________ (ee-CAO    see)
    English: You are
    Example: Ikaw si Jacqueline. You are Jacqueline.

5. Tagalog: Ka (Ca)
    English: You (used elsewhere in the sentence)

6. Tagalog: Si _______ ka
    English: You are _______
    Example: Si Emily ka. You are Emily.

7. Tagalog: Siya (Shhhhha)
    English: He/She

8. Tagalog: Siya si (Shhhha    see)
    English: He is or She is
    Example: Siya si Vince. He is Vince

10.Tagalog: Pangalan (Pah - ng - a - lan)
    English: Name

11.Tagalog: ________ ang pangalan ko.
    English: _________ is my name .
    Example:  Gabriel ang pangalan ko. Gabriel is my name.




1. Tagalog: Ano? (A-noh)
    English: What?
    Example 1: Ano ka? What are you?
    Example 2: Ano siya? What is she/he?

2. Tagalog: Sino? (See-noh)
    English: Who?
    Example 1: Sino ka? Who are you?
    Example 2: Sino siya? Who is she/he

3. Tagalog: Saan? (Sah - ahn)
    English: Where?
    Example 1: Saan ka? Where are you?
    Example 2: Saan siya? Where is she/he  

4. Tagalog: Babae (Ba---Ba ----eh)
    English: Woman

5. Tagalog: Lalaki (La----La-----keh)
    English:  Man

6. Tagalog: Opo
    English: Yes(Use when answering to your parents or your elders or Aaron Manio)

7. Tagalog: Oo
    English: Yes  

8. Tagalog: Ba
    English:  Word used for "yes" or "no" questions

9.Tagalog: Ko
  English: My (First person, singular pronoun)

10.Tagalog: Mo
    English: Your (Second person, singular pronoun)
    Example:  Gabriel ang pangalan mo. Gabriel is your name.

11.Tagalog: Niya (Ni-yah)
    English: His/Her

12.Tagalog: Nag-aaral (Nag- ah - ah - ral)
    English: Studying

13.Tagalog: Nagtatrabaho (Nag-Tah-Trah-ba-ho)
    English: Working

14.Tagalog: Kamusta/Kamusta ka/Kamusta po? (Ka-moose-tah)
    English: How are you?

15.Tagalog: Mabuti (Mah-boo-tee)
    English: Fine/Good



Forming Sentences


1. Tagalog: Clara ang pangalan niya
    English: Her name is Clara or Clara is her name.

2. Tagalog: Nag-aaral ako sa Purdue  University
    English: I study at Purdue University.

3. Tagalog: Audiology ang major ko.
    English: Audiology is my major.

4. Tagalog: Nagtatrabajo ako sa Walmart.
    English: I work at Walmart.

5. Tagalog: Residential Assistant ako.
    English: I am a Residential Assistant.

6. Tagalog: Babae si Prescott.
    English: Prescott is a woman.

7. Tagalog: Lalaki si Collin.
    English: Collin is a man.



-Practice by filling out the blanks with words you have been learning so far.

1. Ako si _______. Nag-aaral ako sa __________________. ____________ ang major ko.
   -My name is _________. I study at _________. ________ is my major.

2. Siya si ________. Nagtatrabajo siya sa __________. __________ siya.
   -He/she is  _________. He/she works at _________. He/she is a ________.




1. Tagalog: Estudyante (Es-tood-jan-teh)
    English:  Student
    Example: Estudyante si Jennifer sa Purdue.    
                    Jennifer is a student at Purdue.

2. Tagalog: Guro (Goooo - roh)
    English: Teacher  
    Example: Guro is Abby.
                    Abby is a teacher.

3. Tagalog: Doktor
    English: Doctor
    Example: Doctor siya.
                    He/she is a doctor.  

4. Tagalog: Pulis (Pooooooo - lease)
    English: Police
    Example: Pulis ka.
                     You are a police.

5. Tagalog: Abogado (Ah-bo-gah-doh)
    English: Lawyer
    Example: Abogado si Inna.
                     Inna is a lawyer.

6. Tagalog: Magsasaka (Mag-sa-sa-kah)
    English: Farmer
    Example: Hindi abogado si John. Magsasaka siya.
                    John is not a lawyer. He is a farmer.

7. Tagalog: Nars
    English: Nurse
    Example: Ano ka? Nars ako.
                     What are you? I am a nurse.

8. Tagalog: Manunulat (Ma-nooh--nooh-lat)
    English: Writer
    Example: Nagtatrabajo ako sa Indiana University. Manunulat ako.
                     I worked at Indiana University. Im a writer.

9: Tagalog: Pintor (Peen-tor)
    English: Painter
    Example: Pintor siya. Pintor ako. Pintor ka.
                  He/she is a painter. I'm a painter. You are a painter.

10. Tagalog: Comediante (Co-meh-dee-yan-teh)
     English: Comedian
     Example: Comediante ba si Jessica? Hindi. Nars siya.
                      Is Jessica a comedian? No. She's a nurse.