About us

      We encourage students from all backgrounds to learn about Filipino and Filipino American culture. 

The Purdue Filipino Association (PFA) is both a cultural and social student-led organization established in 1989, that has been growing ever since. PFA encourages students from all backgrounds at Purdue University to learn about Filipino and Filipino-American culture through bi-monthly meetings, socials, philanthropies, and cultural events.

We are a down-to-earth group of students who also enjoy collaborating with other organizations and celebrating campus diversity. Together, we network and facilitate several functions throughout the semester and invite all Purdue students who are interested in the Filipino culture.

You can learn more about us by navigating through other tabs on the website, subscribing to our monthly newsletter below, following our social media, and especially by stopping by one of our general meetings or events!

We hope to see you around, and we hope to have the chance to welcome you home to the PFAm :)