Ate-Kuya-Ading, or big sister-big brother-younger sibling, is a fun family building and mentor system we have that is similar to that of bigs and littles in Greek life.

PFA members interested in AKA sign up for the program at the beginning of each semester, and are then paired together based on similar interests, personalities, and preferences; each pairing is also a part of varying sub-families that all make up our giant PFAm!

Throughout the year, we hold special monthly activities for AKA families to gain “points” to encourage friendships and each family/AKA pairing spending more time with each other. At the end of it all, the family with the most points will receive bragging rights and an awesome trophy. You can check how many points each family currently has for the month by clicking the “‘19-’20 AKA Scoreboards” button below.

We have had AKA ever since the start of our organization and as a result, we have fairly large family trees — feel free to check them out in the other AKA tabs!

Our most recent AKA reveal event from Spring 2019.

Our most recent AKA reveal event from Spring 2019.